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    Communication Systems
    Residential and Commercial
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    CCTV and Camera Installations
    For malls, companies, schools and houses
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    Factory systems
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    Full range of printers options
    With routine maintenance
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    Creative Marketing Solutions
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    Smart servers and cloud computing
    For individuals and businesses
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    Central Phone Systems
    PBX Solutions
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    Maintenance Contracts
    Computer Hardware and Software
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About us

Fiction Tech Ltd. Is a Jordanian company established in 2019, brining cutting-edge business solutions to both regional and international companies. Fiction Tech provides a wide range of digital services and creative marketing solutions, in addition to selling the latest computer hardware and software, and a generous selection of advanced “custom” and “off shelf” systems to keep businesses up-to-date and efficient with the leading technology trends available. Fiction Tech is dedicated to its role in developing the privately-owned business and government sectors in Jordan to further promote economic growth and development in the country, as well as help imrpove on the empoyment crisis by providing preferred employment for local Jordanians.

Our Great Values

Transparency, accurancy and support are some of our values




& You


Clients can expect complete transparency throughout all processes and dealings with Fiction Tech. We promise clear outlines for result expectations, prices and manufacturer warranty durations, all compiled together according to the local market to suit each individual company’s needs.


Our guarantee of accuracy across all aspects is what sets Fiction Tech apart. We are committed to giving our clients the greatest added value and providing the best and quickest results possible through accurate input and output processing and refined custom-made systems built to thoroughly complete individual tasks, as well as sophisticated systems capable of carrying out intricate, complicated operations.


At Fiction Tech, support is more than just a word, it’s a way of business. Our specialized team is available 24/7 to give our clients the support they need. We believe in going above and beyond to provide top-quality service, that means we follow up with every potential customer and provide a comprehensive search of the market for up-and-coming companies to build up long-lasting and beneficial working relationships. We also offer our clients the updates on the latest tech trends, adopting them into our programming so our customers are always running the most efficient technology available.


You are our main value and your satisfaction is our main goal.


Our aim is to help create a better, more connected world and prove what Jordanian companies are capable of by scalling up and increasing our market share until we are one of the top competitive technology companies in the international market.


We offer a wide range of innovative business solutions under the umbrella of technology, from digital services to creative marketing to computer software and hardware.

What we can do for your business:

  • Full update and implementation of communications systems for both residential and commercial properties
  • CCTV and camera systems installation, latest and best for malls and schools companies and houses.
  • Implementation of custom and standard factory systems
  • Provide a full range printer options which include routine maintenance
  • Design creative marketing solutions for nationally competing businesses
  • Offer a selection of smart-technology servers and cloud solutions for businesses and individuals
  • Install fully equipped central phone systems of varying capacities to suit businesses of all sizes
  • Provide long and short term maintenance contracts for all computer software and hardware